About us


Society dictates that luxury often comes at a price, whether that’s the money in your pocket or the factories that fuel mass consumerism. In an imperfect world, Perfect Chaos is the brand aiming to shatter that model, offering hand-poured luxury candles made with natural essential oils and delivered with a sustainable sensibility.

Four years ago, two working mums came to the realisation that there could be an environmentally friendly approach to producing luxurious, affordable scented products without toxins. Lifelong friends, Penny & Lisa had an independent passion to make that a reality and the world of Perfect Chaos was born.

The increasing drive towards a carbon neutral society stoked by social media has meant more ‘woke’ people are adopting their stake in the planet and evangelising change for the better.

Penny & Lisa’s candles aren’t made in a factory, no harmful chemicals are used and they are in the process of being vegan certified. The packaging is all recycled and even the containers the candles come in (copper & glass) can be refilled at a reduced cost.

But why candles? Both friends have young families and are conscious of the toxin emissions attributed to scented products, investigating alternatives they discovered a love and skill for creating their own scent blends which has seen Perfect Chaos ride the upsurge in the scented candle market.

But the dream is not nearly complete for Penny & Lisa!

This is only the start of the Chaos!